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"Great Balls A Fire!"

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Posted: Dec 6, 2012 7:31 PM by Pat Shingleton

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On this date in 1847, residents of Forest Hill, Arkansas, recovered from an explosion that rocked the community. The episode was described as "a solid black fleece...above a red glare as of many torches." As noted in a previous column, houses rattled, and the local church bell rang as a fiery barrel-sized caused a two-by-eight foot crater. It was also reported that it smelled of sulfur and water thrown on it, boiled. Similar events include a thunderstorm in Westmoreland, England in 1885, as a family of five witnessed a twelve-pound rock, spinning from the sky, killing sheep as it hit the ground. Residents excavated a quartzite ball. In 1867, on the isle of Sark, a green-hued mineral "axe" was beneath a dead cow following a lightning strike.

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