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Posted: Jun 17, 2014 5:12 PM by Zach Correa
Updated: Jun 17, 2014 5:12 PM
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BATON ROUGE - A local fashion expert answered some of her most commonly asked questions about what to wear.

Jennifer Palpallatoc from addressed issues from showing too much skin to getting ready for summer.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do I wear a cropped top without looking scandalous?
Palpallatoc recommended pairing crop tops with something high-waisted, so the belly button isn't revealed.

2. How can I dress for the summer heat and still look fashionable?
She suggested trying loose, flowy tops with cutouts around the shoulders. Another option is wearing tops that are completely off the shoulder.

3. What are some ways to get inspired about fashion?
According to Palpallatoc, decorations around the home can help inspire people to be more fashionable.

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