Former BRPD officer pleads no contest to bribery

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Posted: May 24, 2011 6:33 PM by Russell Jones
Source: Office of the Louisiana Attorney General

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BATON ROUGE - A police officer in Baton Rouge has pleaded "no contest" to charges he took money from a local drug dealer, according to Attorney General Buddy Caldwell's office.

Former BRPD Corporal Donald Bailey entered the plea to felony charges of public bribery and corrupt influencing.

The attorney general's office said Bailey was caught in a 2009 sting operation taking money from a known drug dealer to make charges against him go away. Investigators said the dealer had earlier told them Bailey tried to extort $30,000 from him, saying he would keep federal investigators away from him.

Caldwell's office said a "no contest" plea is identical to a guilty plea but cannot be used as evidence in a civil lawsuit. There is a civil case pending in federal court against the Parish of East Baton Rouge as a result of this case.

Caldwell's office said the plea had been made with no discussions or agreements about sentencing. Judge Chip Moore ordered a pre-sentencing investigation and set a Sept. 27 date for an initial sentencing hearing.

Bailey faces a maximum of 15 years at hard labor.

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