Dove's armpit backfires

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Posted: Mar 4, 2014 7:23 PM by Michael Marsh
Updated: Mar 4, 2014 7:23 PM
Source: Associated Press

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Topics: Dove, Unilever, billboards, "Armpit of America", campaign, New Jersey

NEW YORK- Dove scrapped a plan to run a billboard campaign in New Jersey that tells residents to embrace being called the "Armpit of America."

It sparked complaints after a newspaper ran a story about it last week.

The article featured an image that was planned for billboards that shows a woman in a white tank top raising an arm behind her head to expose her armpit.

It would have read, "New Jersey, When people call you the 'Armpit of America,' take it as a compliment. Sincerely, Dove."

Unilever is the parent company and says it was intended to promote a new line of Dove products.

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