Company: Workers followed procedure before blast

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Posted: Jun 8, 2010 1:40 PM
Source: Associated Press

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Topics: C&H Power Line Construction, Oklahoma, Texas, Natural Gas

The company that was digging at the site in Texas where a natural gas line ruptured yesterday says its crew had followed the proper procedures in locating that line first.

The rupture set off a massive explosion that killed one worker.

The head of C&H Power Line Construction Services in Oklahoma says the crew already had a survey map showing gas lines in the area, but also made calls to verify the location of the lines.

The state agency that regulates the oil and gas agency confirms that calls were made to locate the line -- but that the agency is investigating what was said during those calls.

The body of the man who was killed was found last night about 600 feet from the explosion site. Authorities first had to wait for the charred area to be considered safe before doing a thorough

At least seven of the other 13 workers who had been close to the site were treated at hospitals, mostly for burns to their necks and arms as they ran away from the massive fireball. One worker is
still hospitalized.

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