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Christmas Day storms cause damage

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Posted: Dec 25, 2012 10:18 PM by Trey Schmaltz

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ZACHARY- People were forced to break Christmas traditions and take cover when powerful storms rolled through the region Tuesday.

Damage was reported in many areas. In the northern part of East Baton Rouge, at least two people said they encountered a tornado.

"There was just a lot of wind," said Lloyd Simonson, a dairy farmer.

"The cows were a little jumpy," he said.

Simonson was inside a barn at the Womack Dairy Farm when the storms moved into the region, tearing it apart. Simonson also said there was plenty of lightning.

On Fennwood Drive, people described strong winds. At one house, a tree limb was tossed around, crushing a carport and the truck underneath it.

"I was looking right at it. The wind changed direction, twisted the tree off, shot it up in the air. Turned it around and slammed it through the roof," said Del Babson.

Weather experts will survey the damage to determine if any of it was caused by a tornado.

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