California tests next frontier of health reform - pets

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Posted: Jul 19, 2010 1:35 PM
Updated: Jul 19, 2010 2:59 PM
Source: Associated Press

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While states across the nation grapple with national health care reform, a new population of patients is gaining attention in California: Fido and Fluffy.

Many feline and canine companions face health care challenges similar to those that confront humans.

Veterinary care costs are skyrocketing with services including sonograms and chemotherapy.

Democratic state Assemblyman Dave Jones, who is running for state insurance commissioner, said some of the same practices being corrected by the recently enacted federal health care overhaul are being used by companies that issue pet insurance.

Jones has introduced a bill, AB2411, that would make pet insurers post detailed information on their websites so consumers can see exactly what is covered.

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