Boat tour shows rising water in Atchafalaya Basin

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Posted: May 18, 2011 5:44 PM by Chris Nakamoto
Updated: May 18, 2011 5:44 PM
Source: WBRZ

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ST. MARTIN PARISH- People who own camps inside the Atchafalaya Basin showed News 2 first hand how high and fast the water is rising.

On a boat tour, signs that you could once float under, are halfway submerged.

"It's the highest I've ever seen it," Farrell Domingue said.

He has been using the water for fishing and recreational purposes for more than 40 years.

People familiar with the Basin know the water from the Morganza Spillway is there. The water is typically clear, but now is muddy from the "Mississippi River."

"The water is also flowing backwards," Scott Metrejean said.

Metrejean and Domingue are expecting another six feet of water to flow through the basin, rising it to dangerous levels for camps that could flood. As locals watch it rise, they are making preps on their own homes.

"We're doing some sandbagging," Metrejean said. "A lot of families are getting together and helping one another out."

"We're filling a lot of water jugs," Domingue said. "We're taking stuff and picking it up off the ground."

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