Biden: Romney changed his position on tax cut

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Posted: Oct 4, 2012 4:14 PM
Updated: Oct 4, 2012 4:14 PM
Source: Associated Press

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COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa - Vice President Joe Biden says Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney renounced his own tax cut during Wednesday's presidential debate.

While campaigning in Council Bluffs, Iowa, Biden said a $5 trillion tax cut is the "centerpiece" of Romney's campaign for president.

But Biden said that during the debate, "We found out he doesn't have a $5 trillion tax cut. I guess he outsourced that to China." Biden said President Barack Obama was "presidential" and put forward "a clear specific plan" during the debate. But he said Obama had a hard time figuring out Romney's positions on issues: "You never know what game Gov. Romney is going to come with."

Biden said Romney "either changed his positions on some issues or he doesn't remember them."

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