Baton Rouge ranked one of America's "drunkest" places

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Posted: Jan 10, 2013 7:51 PM by Trey Schmaltz

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BATON ROUGE- Apparently, people in the Capital City like to drink. And, according to The Daily Beast- a news and opinion website- the city is one of the drunkest in America.

Editors used a variety of questions and averages to make their list of "America's 25 Drunkest Cities."

Baton Rouge was ranked 16th. The website suggests the average alcoholic drinks consumed by adults per months is around 14.8 and 15.5% of the people here can be classified as "binge drinkers." Another 4.9 % is believed to be heavy drinkers, according to the research and list.

New Orleans was ranked as the 7th drunkest, Boston was rated the drunkest city in America.

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