2 men booked with counterfeiting

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Posted: Sep 16, 2010 6:14 AM
Source: Associated Press

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Louisiana authorities have arrested two men accused of passing counterfeit $100 bills made from $5 bills washed with oven cleaner.

Zachary Police Chief John Herty tells The Advocate that officers recovered four of five fake bills that one of the suspects said they passed at local stores for merchandise that they later planned to return for refunds.

Herty said officers booked 30-year-old Waylon Franklin Sims of Vivian, La., and 24-year-old Nathan Lee Osburn of San Antonio on Tuesday with monetary instrument abuse.

Herty said Osburn also had three more bills on his person, while Sims told police he and Osburn had been traveling through Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi, visiting casinos and passing the fake bills.

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