62-year-old woman donates kidney for granddaughter's life-saving surgery

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. - A toddler got a second chance at life after her 62-year-old grandmother gave up her own kidney for the 2-year-old child's surgery.

At 2 months old, Wryn Graydon was diagnosed with congenital nephrotic syndrome, a rare disorder that affects the kidneys. Wryn had both her kidneys removed two months after her diagnosis and received further treatment from home.

While Wryn's doctors waited for her to grow strong enough for a kidney transplant, the family began its search to find the perfect match. 

“Everybody wanted to be a match so bad,” Wryn's father, Mike Graydon, told ABC News. “My wife [Haley] and I didn't know who to choose to get tested first. I had kidney stones so I knew I wouldn't be a possibility and my wife was the primary caregiver, so they wouldn't let her do it.”
While Wryn's doctors waited for her to grow strong enough for a kidney transplant, the family underwent tests to find the perfect match. 
After extensive testing of family members, doctors determined Wryn's grandmother, Carol Graydon, was the perfect fit. Doctors said the 62-year-old had the "kidneys of a 20-year-old."

“There are so many emotions that hit you,” Wryn's father said. “We're big believers in God so we trust in him. But from the medical side we know what can go wrong and this was my mom and daughter.”

After a three-hour transplant surgery both grandmother and granddaughter recovered successfully. A normal transplant for a child lasts around 15 years, so it is likely that Wryn will need another kidney in the future.

Currently, Wryn is recovering from her surgery and waiting to be discharged, while her grandmother is recovering at home. The family said they are looking forward to Wryn regaining her strength and becoming an energetic child.

“We’re excited about it but also scared,” Graydon said of him and his wife. “She was already our wild child.”