Pat Shingleton: "Tree Rings and Warm Suits..."

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Tree rings are a fingerprint to historic weather events and a dendrologist studies them. Before the pilgrims arrived at Plymouth Rock, 117 colonists stepped ashore onto Roanoke Island on what is now North Carolina. The Lost Colony of Roanoke remains one of the most intriguing disappearances in our history.  The village disappeared and historians and archeologists were unable to determine their fate.  In 1998, dendrologists uncovered a possible answer as tree rings from a stand of bald cypresses targeted an incredible drought that began before the colonists arrived on July 22, 1587.  A drought may have wiped out the village.We recorded numerous episodes of daytime highs in the 50s with 22 days until the official start of Winter.  The Handy Weather Answer Book suggests mittens are more effective than gloves for warming your hands. During episodes of extremely cold weather exposed parts of your body such as ears, nose, toes and fingers are especially vulnerable. Hunters, fishing enthusiasts and golfers may experience "chilblains;" caused by prolonged exposure to cold, damp weather. Symptoms include: redness, burning, itching and chapping of hands and feet. Years ago, the U.S. Army designed a climate-controlled high-tech uniform and waterproof suits include tubes, similar to NASA's space suits. These suits circulate cold and warm water to accommodate body temperature. The suit is equipped with a computerized tele-screen helmet, and water purifying system, called "Objective Force Warrior".