The Investigative Unit

  • Diocese of Baton Rouge wants sex abuse lawsuit dismissed

    Updated: 8:54 AM 2/27/2015

    BATON ROUGE- The Diocese of Baton Rouge wants a Judge to throw out a major portion of a lawsuit against a priest. The lawsuit says the priest was told about allegations of sexual abuse during a confession, and did not report it to authorities. Rebecca Mayeux claims she... (More)
  • Parish leaders call mental health situation a 'crisis'

    Updated: 9:20 AM 2/24/2015

    BATON ROUGE - It's a hidden problem to most of us -- mental health care for those who desperately need it. However, a growing number of people are having to get treated on the taxpayers dime, since there is not access to mental health hospitals in the area. Two... (More)
  • Scott Rogers' double life exposed

    Updated: 2:33 PM 2/20/2015

    ST. GABRIEL - Recently released case files show the magnitude of the double life local celebrity Scott Rogers was living. The WBRZ News 2 Investigative Unit obtained dozens of crime scene and autopsy pictures, hours of recorded interviews with people who knew Rogers and packets of notes written by... (More)
  • Questions raised over judge's actions

    Updated: 6:51 PM 2/16/2015

    BAKER - A group of residents in Baker claim they are being intimidated by a City Court judge. The group claimed Judge Kirk Williams is doing so because his wife, Shona Boxie Williams, is a school board member who is the group's target for a recall petition. They said... (More)
  • Slave cemetery, chem plant at center of lawsuit

    Updated: 8:38 AM 2/10/2015

    PLAQUEMINE- A slave cemetery dating back to the 1800's is caught in the middle of a legal fight in Iberville Parish. Family members of Robert Taylor, the former slave who set up the cemetery in 1881, filed a lawsuit when they caught wind that a church was charging for... (More)
  • Fired town clerk sues White Castle mayor, council

    Fired town clerk sues White Castle mayor, council

    Updated: 6:34 PM 2/9/2015

    PLAQUEMINE- The former town clerk in White Castle filed a scathing lawsuit today in the Iberville Parish Courthouse against Mayor Jermarr Williams and the entire Town Council. Adler claims her rights were violated when she was fired. The WBRZ Investigative Unit showed you last month that the mayor initially... (More)
  • Lawsuits Costing You

    Updated: 5:46 PM 2/9/2015

    BATON ROUGE - Governor Jindal's office is breaking the law... for not turning over information you deserve to know.

    Michael Marsh and The Investigative Unit reveal lawsuits costing you. Thursday, only on WBRZ News 2 at Ten.

  • Cemetery Dispute

    Updated: 4:13 PM 2/4/2015

    BATON ROUGE - Handed down to the kin of former slaves, more than a century later this cemetery is now surrounded by a chemical company that claims its theirs.

    But they're not the only ones. Chief Investigator Chris Nakamoto looks into this three way battle with the Investigative Unit Monday on WBRZ News 2 at 10.

  • Civil suit filed against former BRPD officers

    Civil suit filed against former BRPD officers

    Updated: 5:16 PM 1/27/2015

    BATON ROUGE - An attorney filed a civil lawsuit Tuesday against three former Baton Rouge Police officers accused of sexually abusing a woman while on duty. Emerson Jackson, Travis Wheeler, and Isaac Bolden were named in the suit. They were indicted by a grand jury in November on charges... (More)
  • Family runs into daughter's killer at restaurant

    Updated: 4:26 PM 1/22/2015

    BATON ROUGE - The grieving family of a two-month-old baby said they were in disbelief when they stared down their daughter's killer at a local restaurant over the weekend. Stanley White managed to roam free for nearly 20 years due to a paperwork mistake. White was convicted in the... (More)