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BATON ROUGE - Thousands of people will flock downtown Saturday as the Krewe of Spanish Town takes to the streets.

Homeowners along the route spent Friday finishing up their party plans, before the parade popular for its crowd and its complaints.

Anne Wood lives along the parade route, in the same home her grandmother did.

"She didn't like Spanish Town because they dirtied her yard," Wood recalled. "In 1988 they made her queen so that she would stop making a lot of noise."

Wood and her husband Gerald are planning on hosting 150 strangers. They spent Friday evening frying chicken for breakfast bloody Mary's. On Saturday, they will have a band and barbeque. It's their Spanish Town tradition to open up their home and let the party in.

Woods acknowledged that some parade-goers don't always understand the humor of the parade, but she says she's not worried about it.

"Because they don't police their krewes," she said, "they let them put whatever they want on their floats, and some people do get offended. But most of the people I know don't even look at what's on the floats."

This year, many floats are likely to carry themes of flood recovery. Wood's hopes people in her crowd will just find humor.

The Krewe of Spanish Town rolls at noon Saturday. 100,000 people are expected to be in attendance.

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BRFD responding to house fire on Tennessee Street http://www.wbrz.com/news/brfd-responding-to-house-fire-on-tennessee-street/ http://www.wbrz.com/news/brfd-responding-to-house-fire-on-tennessee-street/ Top Story Fri, 24 Feb 2017 10:28:26 PM Austin Hart BRFD responding to house fire on Tennessee Street

BATON ROUGE - Crews are responding to a house fire on Tennessee Street.

BRFD confirms they are working a house fire on Tennessee Street near E. Polk Street, blocks away from Highland Road.

Sources on scene reported seeing black smoke coming out of the roof of one of the homes on the street.

Tennessee Street and E. Polk Street have been shut down while crews extinguish the flames.

Details are very limited at this time. A spokesperson for BRFD says they are still working to put the fire out. The cause of the fire is unclear at this time.

This is a developing story. WBRZ News 2 has a crew on scene. Stay tuned for details.

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Heavy traffic expected ahead of Mardi Gras weekend http://www.wbrz.com/news/heavy-traffic-expected-ahead-of-mardi-gras-weekend/ http://www.wbrz.com/news/heavy-traffic-expected-ahead-of-mardi-gras-weekend/ Top Story Fri, 24 Feb 2017 2:33:06 PM WBRZ staff Heavy traffic expected ahead of Mardi Gras weekend

BATON ROUGE – Drivers can expect heavier than normal traffic on I-10 and I-110 in the city on Friday afternoon, according to DOTD.

The majority of the heavy traffic is heading on I-10 eastbound towards New Orleans, most likely for those heading to the city for Mardi Gras parades for the weekend.

DOTD previously reported several accidents on the interstate east bound earlier on Friday.

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Aramis Jackson gets life in 2010 slaying; Listen to chilling 911 call made by victim's daughter http://www.wbrz.com/news/aramis-jackson-gets-life-in-2010-slaying-listen-to-chilling-911-call-made-by-victim-s-daughter/ http://www.wbrz.com/news/aramis-jackson-gets-life-in-2010-slaying-listen-to-chilling-911-call-made-by-victim-s-daughter/ Top Story Fri, 24 Feb 2017 9:24:17 AM Trey Schmaltz Aramis Jackson gets life in 2010 slaying; Listen to chilling 911 call made by victim's daughter

BATON ROUGE - A plea deal was reached in the high-profile murder of a woman and the shooting injury of her small child in their Beauregard Town home almost seven years ago.

The deal means Aramis Jackson won't be put to death for killing Alexandra Engler, 42, and the injuring of her daughter, Ariana.  The shooting happened in 2010.

Jackson is expected to be sentenced to life in prison plus fifty years for murder and attempted murders. He will not be eligible for parole.  Previously, prosecutors had planned to pursue the death penalty in the case.

     > SEE the DA's case against Jackson here; It includes crime scene photos; Discretion is advised. Click HERE.

     > LISTEN to the 911 call made by Ariana, Engler's daughter.  Ariana was also shot but survived.  The call is chilling, discretion is advised. Click HERE.

Investigators said DNA linked Jackson to the home invasion and shooting in Beauregard Town.

Jackson, who was 20 at the time of the shooting, was arrested days later outside New Orleans where he'd taken a bus from Baton Rouge to meet a woman he met on the internet. The woman did not know of the crime, reports indicated at the time. At first, police said there were two suspects but only Jackson was arrested and charged. It's believed Jackson wanted to steal a TV he saw inside the home in the 600 block of Beauregard Street in September 2010.

Engler was shot execution-style in front of her daughter, Ariana, who was then shot three times. Ariana was able to crawl away, play dead and called police from a cell phone. When police arrived, they found her in the back of the home. Ariana is now 16-years-old.


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