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ORLANDO, FL.- Police say a man wanted in the fatal shootings of his pregnant ex-girlfriend and an Orlando police sergeant has been captured.
The Orlando Police Department tweeted Tuesday night that 41-year-old Markeith Loyd is in custody.
Loyd has been the focus of a weeklong manhunt since Master Sgt. Debra Clayton was killed in a Wal-Mart parking lot.
Before the Jan. 9 shooting, authorities had been looking for Loyd for questioning in the death of his pregnant ex-girlfriend last month.
The sergeant had been tipped off that Loyd was in the area while she was at the store. She was shot when she approached Loyd, who then fled.
The U.S. Marshals Service had added Loyd to its list of most wanted fugitives Tuesday.

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UPDATE: Man arrested for murder of roommate, charged with rape http://www.wbrz.com/news/update-man-arrested-for-murder-of-roommate-charged-with-rape/ http://www.wbrz.com/news/update-man-arrested-for-murder-of-roommate-charged-with-rape/ Top Story Tue, 17 Jan 2017 1:06:32 PM Alicia Serrano UPDATE: Man arrested for murder of roommate, charged with rape

UPDATE: Authorities say a 44-year-old man accused of killing and dismembering hi 27-year-old roommate who lived with the suspect's ex-girlfriend is also charged with raping the ex-girlfriend.

Kenner Police Chief Michael Glaser says Viusqui Perez-Espinosa was arrested on a rape charge in November, and charges of second-degree murder and obstruction of justice have now been added.

KENNER – A man has been arrested for the murder of his roommate whose severed arm was found in the Reserve Canal along I-10 earlier this month.

WWL reports that 44-year-old Viusqui Perez-Espinosa was arrested and charged with second degree murder and obstruction of justice. The arrest was the result of a joint investigation by Kenner Police and the St. John the Baptist Parish Sheriff's Office.

Perez-Espinosa was arrested following the disappearance of his 27-year-old roommate, Ivis Alexis Portales-Lara, who was last seen on Nov. 11.

Perez-Espinosa became a suspect after telling police different versions of Portales-Lara's whereabouts. Police learned that Perez-Espinosa was jealous of Portales-Lara because he was romantically involved with a former girlfriend.

According to police, when Perez-Espinosa was interviewed at an apartment in Kenner detectives saw what was believed to be blood on the floor, splattered on the wall in the hallway, bathroom and closet doors. Additionally, after a search warrant was executed another larger pool of blood was found.

DNA testing confirmed that the blood matched Portales-Lara and along with the arm found in the Reserve Canal. Police said that other body parts of Portales-Lara were recovered.

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Woman zaps victim in the groin, rips flesh from officer's arm http://www.wbrz.com/news/woman-zaps-victim-in-the-groin-rips-flesh-from-officer-s-arm/ http://www.wbrz.com/news/woman-zaps-victim-in-the-groin-rips-flesh-from-officer-s-arm/ Top Story Tue, 17 Jan 2017 2:23:27 PM Jeremy Krail Woman zaps victim in the groin, rips flesh from officer's arm

THIBODAUX - Police arrested a woman early Saturday morning after she attacked a victim with a stun gun and resisted arrest at a motel on North Canal Boulevard. 

Police arrived at the motel parking lot around 2 a.m. and found Nadira Tardieff, 37, yelling at someone in a vehicle. Officers tried to calm down Tardieff, but she refused and officers placed her under arrest. 

According to Thibodaux Police, Tardieff sunk her nails into the arm of an officer escorting her to a police unit and "ripped flesh" from his arm. Officers were eventually able to put her in the back of the unit.

Tardieff told officers that she purposefully sunk her nails into the officer and that they were lucky that's all she did.

Police later discovered that Tardieff used a stun gun to shock the victim in the groin while she was inside of her motel room.

Police were able to recover a pink stun gun from Tardieff upon her initial arrest.

Tardieff was transported to the Lafourche Parish Detention Center where she is being held on a $21,000 bond.

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Gunfire outside Sorrento landfill escalates environmental fight http://www.wbrz.com/news/gunfire-outside-sorrento-landfill-escalates-environmental-fight/ http://www.wbrz.com/news/gunfire-outside-sorrento-landfill-escalates-environmental-fight/ Top Story Mon, 16 Jan 2017 11:32:42 PM Mark Armstrong Gunfire outside Sorrento landfill escalates environmental fight

SORRENTO- As workers entered the BFI Colonial Landfill on Highway 70 Monday morning, witnesses say a woman shot her gun in the air after yelling at them. A short time later Ascension Parish Sheriff deputies arrested Genie LeBlanc, 62, charging her with a misdemeanor offense.

LeBlanc was on her property at the time, she lives next to the landfill. It is legal to fire a gun in that part of Ascension Parish on private land except when it's done in a threatening manner. Her husband, Gene LeBlanc, told News 2 his wife is frustrated over a year-long feud they've had with the landfill.

The LeBlanc's said beginning in October 2015, a chemical oder emitting from the dump has made them sick and their home nearly inhabitable.

"Genie's been to the emergency room on a couple of occasions and last week we went to do blood work and the CO2 contamination in our blood is rising," Gene LeBlanc said.

He said most days the smell is so pungent they become nauseous, dizzy, and can't sleep at night. The landfill stores different types of garbage including industrial waste.

Ascension Parish Council Chairman Bill Dawson confirmed the LeBlanc's account of the dump's odor Monday, saying there was a noticeable change in Fall 2015.

Dawson said the council is considering placing air monitors in the area to determine if the odor is toxic and if it originates from the landfill.

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