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BATON ROUGE- A temporary restraining order blocking disposal of ash from the incineration of a Texas Ebola victim's belongings in Louisiana will continue.

State District Judge Bob Downing extended the order and delayed a planned Wednesday hearing about a permanent injunction while negotiations continue between Attorney General Buddy Caldwell and the waste disposal site operator.

A new hearing date was set for November 5.

Caldwell sought to keep the soot from linen, bedding and carpet from the Dallas apartment where Thomas Eric Duncan got sick from being brought to a Calcasieu Parish facility run by Chemical Waste Management.

Caldwell's office says it is exploring ways to let the state verify that disposal wouldn't be a health risk.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the Ebola virus is destroyed by incineration.

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Family: Gary Plauche has died http://www.wbrz.com/news/family-gary-plauche-has-died/ http://www.wbrz.com/news/family-gary-plauche-has-died/ Local News Tue, 21 Oct 2014 5:19:11 PM Trey Schmaltz Family: Gary Plauche has died

BATON ROUGE- Gary Plauche died Monday family members told WBRZ News 2.

Plauche, 68, shot and killed his son's karate instructor at the Baton Rouge airport in 1984. The man, Jeffrey Doucet, was accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting Plauche's son, Jody.

Plauche waited for Doucet to be escorted back from California where authorities said Doucet had taken Jody Plauche before he was rescued and Doucet was arrested. He had been extradited back to Baton Rouge and was walking through the airport when Plauche, waiting by some payphones pulled out a gun and fired a shot.

Plauche was sentenced to five years probation and did not serve time in jail following the shooting. He maintained his actions were the natural response of a father who believed his son had been violated.

Gary Plauche died at a nursing home in East Baton Rouge where he had been living since having a stroke in 2011, family members said.

"He died peacefully," Jody Plauche told WBRZ Tuesday. He added arrangements were still pending and the family was taking into account upcoming football games to plan services.

Saturday is an LSU game and Sunday features the Saints. The family was worried about disrupting plans for fans.

"My dad wouldn't want that," Jody Plauche said.

In 1997, Gary Plauche asked the State Pardon Board to allow him to carry a gun again. Jody was by his side then.

"My son got married, [I have] grandchildren and might want to go take him hunting like a grandfather should do, I just want to restore my life back to normal," Gary Plauche told the board.

"He wants to clear the record, he's going through the proper steps," Jody Plauche told then-channel 2 reporter Marvin McGraw.

"Everyday I think about it," Gary Plauche told McGraw.

The board eventually denied the request, stating Plauche's sentence was light.

Five years later, Gary Plauche explained to WBRZ News 2 why he felt compelled to take justice into his own hands.

"[I shot him] for the things he'd done to my son and a bunch of kids I found out later," he said. "I figured I was going to get the [electric chair]. But, I knew that he wasn't going to fool with any kids anymore."

Jody Plauche said his father's death was from complications related to the stroke.
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The Pledge of Allegiance: Forest Heights Academy of Excellence http://www.wbrz.com/news/the-pledge-of-allegiance-forest-heights-academy-of-excellence-65932/ http://www.wbrz.com/news/the-pledge-of-allegiance-forest-heights-academy-of-excellence-65932/ Local News Wed, 22 Oct 2014 7:39:22 AM Helen Butts The Pledge of Allegiance: Forest Heights Academy of Excellence

BATON ROUGE - Today's Pledge of Allegiance comes from the Pre-K class at Forest Heights Academy of Excellence.

Be sure to watch The Daily Pledge every weekday on 2une In at 5:58 a.m. to see if your child's school is featured.

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Get a Taste of Baton Rouge, help feed seniors http://www.wbrz.com/news/get-a-taste-of-baton-rouge-help-feed-seniors/ http://www.wbrz.com/news/get-a-taste-of-baton-rouge-help-feed-seniors/ Local News Wed, 22 Oct 2014 5:56:32 AM Hunter Robinson Get a Taste of Baton Rouge, help feed seniors

BATON ROUGE - You can enjoy some good food and music for a great cause at Taste of Baton Rouge.

It's a fundraiser for the East Baton Rouge Council on Aging. The agency delivers 125,000 meals through their "Meals on Wheels" Program and over 85,000 hot meals daily to seniors through their 15 senior centers and meal sites.

Taste of Baton Rouge is on Thursday, November 13th from 5:30-9:00 p.m. at the Shaw Center for the Arts in Baton Rouge. Tickets are $100/each and can be purchased here.

State Representative Regina Barrow (D)  joined John Pastorek on 2une In this morning to discuss Taste of Baton Rouge. Watch our interview with her or call 225-923-8000 for more information.

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Baton Rouge home sales post slight drop in September http://www.wbrz.com/news/baton-rouge-home-sales-post-slight-drop-in-september/ http://www.wbrz.com/news/baton-rouge-home-sales-post-slight-drop-in-september/ Local News Wed, 22 Oct 2014 4:21:00 AM Hunter Robinson Baton Rouge home sales post slight drop in September

BATON ROUGE - Home sales in metro Baton Rouge were down by 1 percent in September, despite increased sales in Ascension and Livingston parishes.

According to figures released Tuesday by the Greater Baton Rouge Association of Realtors, there were 725 home sales that closed in September in the eight-parish area. That compares with 732 closed sales in September 2013.

The biggest monthly gainer was Ascension Parish, where sales were up 4.2 percent, from 143 to 149. Livingston Parish had a slightly smaller increase, going up 3.6 percent, from 140 to 145 closed sales during the month.

The median sales price for the metro area was up 5.9 percent from $169,900 to $180,000 last month.

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In Baton Rouge, USS Cole Commander comments on terrorism http://www.wbrz.com/news/in-baton-rouge-uss-cole-commander-comments-on-terrorism/ http://www.wbrz.com/news/in-baton-rouge-uss-cole-commander-comments-on-terrorism/ Local News Tue, 21 Oct 2014 8:12:40 PM Brittany Weiss In Baton Rouge, USS Cole Commander comments on terrorism

BATON ROUGE - Tuesday, acts of terror were the topic of discussion at a campaign rally where the captain of the U.S.S. Cole when it was targeted by terrorists in 2000 discussed what happened and the state of international affairs today.

Retired Navy Commander Kirk Lippold was stumping in Baton Rouge.

On October 12, 2000, suicide bombers blew a 20 foot hole in the side of the ship in the Yemeni port of Aden.  Seventeen died, 39 were wounded.

"It was just a tremendous ka-boom!" said Lippold. "We had been hit by a suicide boat masquerading as a garbage barge."

Following the attack, the crew split time between damage control, triage to save shipmates, and security to stop another attack.

"If as it now appears, this was an act of terrorism, it was a despicable and cowardly act. We will find out who is responsible and hold them accountable," then-President Bill Clinton said about the attacks.

Al Qaeda took responsibility.

These days, Lippold is retired and is an author who travels the country as a motivational speaker.  He said terrorism has been around for a long time and after that act of war in 2000, little was done.

"Eleven months after the attack on us, when neither the Clinton or Bush administration did anything, 9/11 occurred," he said.

Lippold believes terror groups have evolved and have grown the means to conduct their terrorist operation. He said it is crucial for the US to be a step ahead of the bad guys.

"While terrorism may occur on the international stage far away from here, talk to any veteran of history that's fought, back to WWII, and they'll tell you, fight them over there, don't wait for them to come here and fight them," he said.

Lippold thinks the U.S. is still not doing all it can to stop terror before it strikes. He thinks leaders should have more credibility.

"While it's nice to be respected, I want a certain degree of fear as well," Lippold explained. "That we will go out, we will find these terrorists, we will hunt them down. We will either capture them or we will kill them."

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Prison investigation leads to firing, demotion http://www.wbrz.com/news/prison-investigation-leads-to-firing-demotion/ http://www.wbrz.com/news/prison-investigation-leads-to-firing-demotion/ Local News Tue, 21 Oct 2014 2:02:28 PM Ryan Naquin Prison investigation leads to firing, demotion

PORT ALLEN - A West Baton Rouge Sheriff's deputy was fired following an internal investigation and a captain was demoted to lieutenant following a separate investigation.

Both incidents happened at the parish prison, according to Colonel Richie Johnson.

According to the sheriff's office, Sgt. Brent Ballard filed an erroneous charge against an inmate and threatened the same inmate with violence. Johnson said Ballard lied and warned other deputies an inmate was "lying in wait" and planned to "abduct a female employee." The department also got a complaint Ballard used pepper spray and force against inmates five times more than other sergeants on duty.

Ballard was demoted to corporal and given a one-day suspension after the investigation was completed. Then on Monday the sheriff's office fired him after Johnson said Ballard failed to report to work for three days after his suspension.

In a separate investigation, Assistant Warden Robert Duclo was demoted from captain to lieutenant after Johnson said he made inappropriate comments to a detention center female employee.

The investigation found the comments did not rise to the level of sexual harassment, but were enough for the sheriff's office to demote Duclo, suspend him one day without pay, force him to take an employee risk assessment evaluation and a 12-session sensitivity training course.

Duclo was allowed to keep his assistant warden position.


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Baton Rouge looking to curb heroin 'epidemic' http://www.wbrz.com/news/baton-rouge-looking-to-curb-heroin-epidemic-/ http://www.wbrz.com/news/baton-rouge-looking-to-curb-heroin-epidemic-/ Local News Tue, 21 Oct 2014 3:09:40 PM Troy Gaulden Baton Rouge looking to curb heroin 'epidemic'

BATON ROUGE - Medical professionals and law enforcement agencies say Baton Rouge has a heroin epidemic on its hands.

Five people died from heroin two years ago. That number went up to 35 deaths in 2013. So far this year, nine people have died from heroin but more cases are pending.

On Tuesday, multiple agencies met to discuss the rise in heroin abuse. Zach Knippenberg, a former drug addict, shared his story of abuse. Knippenberg started using drugs at 12 years old. His abuse peaked a few years later when he was 16.

"At that point it went down hill pretty rapidly. Withdrawals became an everyday thing with me. Most of my life was centered around selling, using and finding a way to procure better prices for dope," he said. "By the age of 20-21, I was pretty resolved by the fact that I wouldn't live past 25."

However, Knipperberg survived after he was forced into drug rehabilitation. He says he started with pills and marijuana, but he later ended up using heroin and other drugs that were easier to get.

East Baton Rouge Coroner "Beau" Clark says the success of the prescription drug monitoring program makes it harder for drug addicts to get pills from doctors. The users then resort to drugs like heroin.

"Number one we need to put the bad guys in jail, the drug dealers," said Clark. "That is separate in part from the folks that have addictive problems, the people that are using who are not the sellers. These are the people that need our help from the substance abuse perspective or maybe the mental health perspective."

Knippenberg says help from others ultimately saved his life.

"If you're at the point you're watching this and you've just kind of resigned this to being your life, give it a chance. If you can't do it on your own that's OK," he said. "There's no weakness in asking for help. I think it takes a lot of strength to ask for help."

Penalties for selling heroin recently increased. The minimum sentence for distribution is 10 years. The maximum sentence remained 50 years but increased to 99 years for a second conviction.


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Jindal says only other job he wants is president http://www.wbrz.com/news/jindal-says-only-other-job-he-wants-is-president/ http://www.wbrz.com/news/jindal-says-only-other-job-he-wants-is-president/ Local News Tue, 21 Oct 2014 12:09:33 PM Russell Jones Jindal says only other job he wants is president

BATON ROUGE - Governor Bobby Jindal told News 2 today that if he stays in politics after his term is over, it would be to run for president.

Jindal told Michael Marsh Tuesday it was the only other job in politics he wanted. He said he and First Lady Supriya Jindal are praying about the decision.

Jindal has been working to raise his national profile among Republicans. Over the summer he joined national conservative opposition to Common Core and took steps to try and remove it from Louisiana. He traveled to the U. S. - Mexico border to criticize President Barack Obama's immigration record, and has been critical in recent weeks about the administration's response to the Ebola outbreak in Africa.

Jindal made the comments at a press conference to announce the first plans to tap into the WISE Fund, a higher education incentive fund created by lawmakers to spur workforce training.

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SOS Rescue to host canine costume contest http://www.wbrz.com/news/sos-rescue-to-host-canine-costume-contest/ http://www.wbrz.com/news/sos-rescue-to-host-canine-costume-contest/ Local News Tue, 21 Oct 2014 3:01:21 PM Brock Sues SOS Rescue to host canine costume contest

BATON ROUGE - Andrea from SOS Rescue was back in the studio today with news of an upcoming event and yet another furry friend looking for a good home.

SOS Rescue is a local non-profit that looks to find suitable homes for lost and abandoned pets through the generous donations of the public and hard work from dedicated volunteers.

Sir Hugo is a felicitous feline with a disposition that more closely matches that of a dog than a cat. He is seven months old, obviously playful and will probably end up as a large adult cat. To learn more about adopting him, be sure to check out SOS Rescue's website.

The holidays are big time for the animal adoption group, and they are getting things started this year as SOS Rescue will be out at the BREC Trick & Treat event this coming Friday. They helped organize the Halloween-themed event and will be taking over the Raising Cane's Dog Park at Forest Community Park located at 13900 South Harrell's Ferry Road from 6-8 p.m on Friday, Oct. 24.

Andrea says the marquee pet costume contest drew a large gathering last year and even the pet owners got into the action. As a result, she says they have added a best "family" costume prize this year for pet owners who want to get into the spirit and dress up to compliment their pet. Plenty of prizes and lots of dog interaction are to be had. The costume contest is free to enter with the judging starting at 7 p.m. You can get directions to the park by clicking here.

While dogs will be the center of attention at Friday's event, SOS Rescue has many cats, including Sir Hugo, up for adoption. If you are certain you can provide a loving home for one of these animals in need, be sure to visit the SOS Rescue website to check out their adoption requirements and see what pets are currently looking for homes.



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Landrieu accuses GOP of 'fear mongering' on Ebola http://www.wbrz.com/news/landrieu-accuses-gop-of-fear-mongering-on-ebola/ http://www.wbrz.com/news/landrieu-accuses-gop-of-fear-mongering-on-ebola/ Local News Tue, 21 Oct 2014 12:29:57 PM Landrieu accuses GOP of 'fear mongering' on Ebola

BATON ROUGE - U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu says Republicans are intentionally drumming up fear about Ebola. GOP officials say the Democratic senator isn't putting enough pressure on the Obama administration to address the public health concerns.

Landrieu said Tuesday that while Ebola is a very serious situation, Republicans are using the virus outbreak in West Africa to "create fear" here at home.

She didn't respond directly to a question about President Barack Obama's overall response. But she said she was pleased the Homeland Security Department is tightening airport screening for passengers from three West African countries with an Ebola outbreak.

Landrieu's chief Republican opponent, Rep. Bill Cassidy, says Obama's response has been ineffective and he's called for a commercial travel ban between the U.S. and the countries with an outbreak of the virus.

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Board to vote on $1 million WISE Fund grant http://www.wbrz.com/news/board-to-vote-on-1-million-wise-fund-grant/ http://www.wbrz.com/news/board-to-vote-on-1-million-wise-fund-grant/ Local News Tue, 21 Oct 2014 11:52:12 AM Russell Jones Board to vote on $1 million WISE Fund grant

BATON ROUGE - Community college leaders are scheduled to vote on a $1 million contribution from JPMorgan Chase that would use the WISE Fund to pay for more workforce training in Louisiana.

If approved, the Workforce and Innovation for a Stronger Economy Fund would match the contribution 4-for-1, making a $5 million total contribution to the Louisiana Community and Technical College System. It would be the first approved use of the WISE Fund, which set aside $40 million as incentives for higher education.

The money would be used to expand the availability of LCTCS courses which would help give people the skills needed to fill a 8,000 worker gap forecasted by LCTCS to materialize in the state over the next five to ten years.

"We are in the midst of the greatest economic expansion of our time," said Monty Sullivan, president of Louisiana's Community and Technical Colleges. "Today's investment will help our colleges meet the demand and improve lives."

More than $80 billion of large-scale energy construction projects are scheduled in Louisiana over next 5 years, according to LCTCS. The International Monetary Fund estimates one-third of U.S. unemployment is due to the skills gap, and the National Skills Coalition estimates 56 percent of job openings in Louisiana over the next eight years will be middle-skilled.

JPMorgan Chase has 3,400 employees in Louisiana, making it one of the largest non-governmental employers in the state.

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La. releases school performance scores http://www.wbrz.com/news/la-releases-school-performance-scores/ http://www.wbrz.com/news/la-releases-school-performance-scores/ Local News Tue, 21 Oct 2014 8:30:35 AM APNewsNow La. releases school performance scores

NEW ORLEANS - The number of Louisiana public schools earning an A or a B under the state's performance grading system has gone up from 575 a year ago to 607 this year.

State education officials released school and district performance reports Tuesday morning. Louisiana Education Superintendent John White was scheduled to discuss them in a midmorning telephone news conference.

Performance scores are based on based largely on student test scores. In upper grades, credits earned and graduation rates also are factors.

The department said this year's scores come as higher standards are being adopted while overall test scores remained steady. To ease that transition, the department said, performance scores were adjusted to make sure there is no drop in the number of A or B schools this year.

To view your school district's report card and performance scores:

*For a simplified document that highlights area districts' 2013-2014 Annual SPS and Letter Grade: click here.

*To visit the state website where 2014 Report Cards are hosted with all assessment and can be selected by District/LEA: click here.


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Zoning approved for Water Campus building http://www.wbrz.com/news/zoning-approved-for-water-campus-building/ http://www.wbrz.com/news/zoning-approved-for-water-campus-building/ Local News Tue, 21 Oct 2014 8:53:42 AM Zoning approved for Water Campus building

BATON ROUGE - The first component of the Water Campus, a 33-acre center for coastal education and research between downtown and LSU, has been approved by the East Baton Rouge City-Parish Planning Commission.

Commissioners also approved Monday a rezoning request from the Tipitina's Foundation to turn two buildings into office/classroom space, audio and video recording studios, digital media editing suites and rehearsal rooms for local musicians.

Commissioners approved plans to rezone a 2-acre section to allow the construction of a four-story, 65,000-square-foot Water Campus building. The building will be the headquarters for the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority. The CPRA is a state agency that is responsible for coastal restoration and protection projects and planning in Louisiana.

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The Pledge of Allegiance: St. George School http://www.wbrz.com/news/the-pledge-of-allegiance-st-george-school-65884/ http://www.wbrz.com/news/the-pledge-of-allegiance-st-george-school-65884/ Local News Tue, 21 Oct 2014 6:39:12 AM Helen Butts The Pledge of Allegiance: St. George School

BATON ROUGE - Today's Pledge of Allegiance comes from the 5th Grade at St. George School.

Be sure to watch The Daily Pledge every weekday on 2une In at 5:58 a.m. to see if your child's school is featured.

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La. police hosting 'Heroin Summit' in Baton Rouge http://www.wbrz.com/news/la-police-hosting-heroin-summit-in-baton-rouge/ http://www.wbrz.com/news/la-police-hosting-heroin-summit-in-baton-rouge/ Local News Tue, 21 Oct 2014 5:54:20 AM La. police hosting 'Heroin Summit' in Baton Rouge

BATON ROUGE - Law enforcement agencies are participating in a "Louisiana Heroin Summit," designed to address the recent rise in heroin use and drug-related deaths around the state.

The all-day event Tuesday is hosted by the Louisiana State Police in partnership with the Drug Enforcement Administration.

The state police says that the Baton Rouge area ranked 19th in the nation last year per capita for heroin overdose deaths, with 34 people who died from use of the drug.

Arrests for heroin also are on the rise statewide. The state police says 152 pounds of heroin were seized last year, compared to 21 pounds in 2012.

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Former LSU Alumni CEO gets suit tossed http://www.wbrz.com/news/former-lsu-alumni-ceo-gets-suit-tossed/ http://www.wbrz.com/news/former-lsu-alumni-ceo-gets-suit-tossed/ Local News Mon, 20 Oct 2014 3:47:29 PM Rob Krieger Former LSU Alumni CEO gets suit tossed

BATON ROUGE- Former LSU Alumni President Dr. Charlie Roberts won't have to pay his former lover a dime after his attorney successfully argued to have a suit against him tossed in district court.

Judge Michael Caldwell dismissed the suit because the claims made by Kay Heath, Roberts former lover, did not cite any written contract.

Heath claimed Roberts promised to pay her $3200 a month after she quit her job with the Alumni Association when their relationship was discovered.

"The court felt like it was acceptable results to allow him to breach that agreement," said Jeffry Sanford, Heath's attorney.

Roberts' attorney, Mary Olive Pierson, argued that because no agreement was ever put in writing, any payments made to Heath were simply gifts to a woman that Roberts had hope to marry.

"Every month when he would support her, which is what he was doing, that was out of love and affection for her but to go off into the future with those payments, you really, marriage is how you do that, you get married and then it's til death do us part, she wanted death do us part, without the marriage," said Pierson.

Judge Caldwell gave Heath 21 days to amend her petition, but Sanford said there's nothing to amend and he plans to appeal the court's decision in the next two months.

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Body found in burned home identified http://www.wbrz.com/news/body-found-in-burned-home-identified/ http://www.wbrz.com/news/body-found-in-burned-home-identified/ Local News Mon, 20 Oct 2014 9:14:55 PM Trey Schmaltz Body found in burned home identified

GREENSBURG- Authorities have released the name of a woman found dead in the burned remains of a home recently.

Monday, they identified the body of the 39-year-old as Marsha Allen. It was still not clear what caused her death, which has been classified as a homicide by the St. Helena Parish Sheriff's Office.

The house burned just about to the ground. Only the brick chimney and a few walls were standing after the blaze a week ago.

The house was located on Highway 1043.
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Boil order issued for some in St. Gabriel http://www.wbrz.com/news/boil-order-issued-for-some-in-st-gabriel/ http://www.wbrz.com/news/boil-order-issued-for-some-in-st-gabriel/ Local News Mon, 20 Oct 2014 3:26:53 PM Russell Jones Boil order issued for some in St. Gabriel

ST. GABRIEL - People living along Bayou Paul Lane in St. Gabriel were cautioned to boil their water after a water line was broken in the area Monday.

Baton Rouge Water Works said customers in that area should boil any water before consumption. That includes before making ice, brushing teeth, food preparation or rinsing food.

Water should be brought to a rolling boil for one full minute in a clean container, and you can remove the flat taste from boiled water by adding a pinch of salt per quart.

The boil advisory is in effect for the next 48 hours or until the Department of Health and Hospitals tests samples from the line and determines the water is safe.

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WWII planes land at BTR Metro http://www.wbrz.com/news/wwii-planes-land-at-btr-metro/ http://www.wbrz.com/news/wwii-planes-land-at-btr-metro/ Local News Mon, 20 Oct 2014 1:43:13 PM Russell Jones WWII planes land at BTR Metro

BATON ROUGE - The world's only flying B-29 Superfortress landed Monday at Baton Rouge Regional Airport for a special display, along with other historic planes.

The historic bomber and other vintage military aircraft will be on display at the airport through Wednesday. Alongside the B-29 is a B-24 Diamond Lil and C-45 Expeditor Bucket of Bolts.

Visitors can tour the B-29 cockpit or buy flights in all the airplanes.

The B-29 went into active service in 1944 and was involved in bombing campaigns in Japan at the end of World War II. The bomber was also used during the Korean War in the early 1950s, and was a staple of the U. S. Air Force until the end of that decade.

The B-29 is visiting local airports throughout the U. S. as part of the Commemorative Air Force's history tour. They acquired the Superfortress on display in Baton Rouge in the 1970s from a U. S. Navy proving ground where the plane was being used as a missile target.

More information about ticket prices and reservations for flights in the historic aircraft may be made at AirPowerTour.org.


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