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BATON ROUGE-  A new website is giving LSU Tiger football fans the chance to see themselves in Tiger Stadium on gameday.

The new gigapixel viewer gives you a 360 degree picture of the stadium that's so sharp, you can zoom in on Les Miles, or anyone else that happened to be in the game last weekend against Mississippi State.

To check it out, head to gigapixel.panoramas.com and scroll down to find the LSU link.







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Sample ballots out for November election http://www.wbrz.com/news/sample-ballots-out-for-november-election/ http://www.wbrz.com/news/sample-ballots-out-for-november-election/ Links Mon, 22 Sep 2014 10:47:56 AM Russell Jones Sample ballots out for November election

BATON ROUGE - The Secretary of State's office posted sample ballots recently for the upcoming general election on Nov. 4.

The election includes the race for U. S. Senator Mary Landrieu's seat. She faces a number of GOP challengers, most notably Representative Bill Cassidy. His House seat is also up for grabs.

To find sample ballots for your parish and voting district, visit the Secretary of State's Geaux Vote website.

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Auditor releases nonpartisan brief on Common Core http://www.wbrz.com/news/auditor-releases-nonpartisan-brief-on-common-core/ http://www.wbrz.com/news/auditor-releases-nonpartisan-brief-on-common-core/ Links Mon, 22 Sep 2014 8:24:35 AM Auditor releases nonpartisan brief on Common Core

BATON ROUGE - Questions about the dispute over the Common Core education standards, or still wondering what the standards even are?

Legislative Auditor Daryl Purpera's office on Monday released a nonpartisan overview about the English and math standards used in Louisiana's public school classrooms.

The 30-page report describes development of the standards, gives a sample of the changed teaching and outlines other states' use of Common Core. The report also provides an overview of the Common Core lawsuits filed in Louisiana.

More than 40 states, including Louisiana, have adopted Common Core, which describes what students should know after completing each grade.

Gov. Bobby Jindal opposes the standards, saying the Obama administration has manipulated use of Common Core to try to control local education policy and curriculum.

You can view the audit by clicking here.

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Two kids with EV-D68 being treated in Baton Rouge http://www.wbrz.com/news/two-kids-with-ev-d68-being-treated-in-baton-rouge/ http://www.wbrz.com/news/two-kids-with-ev-d68-being-treated-in-baton-rouge/ Links Tue, 16 Sep 2014 9:54:05 AM Russell Jones Two kids with EV-D68 being treated in Baton Rouge

BATON ROUGE - Health officials in Louisiana said two children are being treated in Baton Rouge after they contracted a respiratory illness caused by a recent strain of enterovirus.

The CDC said from mid-August to Sept. 16 a total of 130 people from 12 states were confirmed to have a respiratory illness caused by EV-D68. Those states are Alabama, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, New York, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania.

Louisiana health officials confirmed that tests on samples taken from two children being treated at Our Lady of the Lake Medical Center came back positive for EV-D68. Due to privacy laws, the ages and hometowns of those children cannot be released. They said these are the only confirmed cases of the enterovirus in the state.

Health experts said more confirmations across the U. S. are expected because samples from several states are still being tested, and it can take time get lab results back from those tests.

The CDC noted that this is the time of year enteroviruses normally hit, and more infections are predicted. Doctors say the enterovirus acts like a summer cold, and the best way to prevent it is thoroughly cleaning hands and any surfaces children may touch on a daily basis, such as desks and countertops.

"EV-D68 is more likely to severely sicken infants and teens," said Dr. Michael Bolton, pediatric infectious disease specialist at Our Lady of the Lake Children's Hospital. "But a vast majority of those infected will feel like they have a mild cold, if they have any noticeable symptoms at all. The most important warning sign for parents to pick up on is any difficulty breathing in your kids."

Health experts say most people recover from enteroviruses without treatment.

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LSU adds more parking, traffic changes for games http://www.wbrz.com/news/lsu-adds-more-parking-traffic-changes-for-games/ http://www.wbrz.com/news/lsu-adds-more-parking-traffic-changes-for-games/ Links Thu, 7 Aug 2014 4:14:46 PM Ambria Washington LSU adds more parking, traffic changes for games

BATON ROUGE - LSU announced additional parking spots and changes to traffic for home football games to avoid congestion that plagued fans last year.

LSU officials said there are about 2,300 additional parking spots that will be available for the start of football season, and they're going to try new ways to get people out of the city and onto the interstate faster.

"We very excited about that three large parking lots that we've constructed this season," said Adam Smith, Director of Parking Operations for LSU athletics. "In addition, we going to try contra flow going south on Nicholson Drive from Burbank Drive all the way down to Bluebonnet, which should get fans going faster to I-10."

Officials said no one will be allowed to park along the curbs of Nicholson and Burbank. This year those areas will be restricted and coned off during the games.

"They really do cause a problem for those fans trying to get across the street as well as that south bound traffic for post-games," said Smith. "We can't have the cars parked along that area because we need a clean avenue to exit that traffic."

Officials said digital message boards will be placed throughout the area directing fans on where to park.

Click here for more details about parking during LSU game days.

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Pre-paid debit cards could be affected by breach http://www.wbrz.com/news/pre-paid-debit-cards-could-be-affected-by-breach/ http://www.wbrz.com/news/pre-paid-debit-cards-could-be-affected-by-breach/ Links Fri, 29 Aug 2014 12:33:45 PM Russell Jones Pre-paid debit cards could be affected by breach

BATON ROUGE - The Louisiana Department of Revenue announced Friday that they've been warned of a data breach that could affect personal information held by sate agencies.

JPMorgan Chase told the state Thursday that personally identifiable information the company holds under contract with several state agencies may have been affected by the breach. The company said they don't know if or to what extent Louisiana citizens' personal information may have been exposed.

The Department of Revenue said the company has contracts to issue pre-paid debit cards for some agencies, including income tax refunds distributed by LDR as well unemployment benefits and some child care assistance.

LDR said state agencies are working with JPMorgan Chase to get more information about the data breach. A similar breach affecting three state agencies was reported in December 2013.

In the meantime, people who have pre-paid debit cards issued from state agencies should keep an eye on their credit statements and financial reports for suspicious activity. They should also change any passwords connected to those accounts.

For more information about identity theft and how to report suspect fraud, visit the Federal Trade Commission's website.

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BRAVE to hold 'Gas for Guns' exchange Aug. 23 http://www.wbrz.com/news/brave-to-hold-gas-for-guns-exchange-aug-23/ http://www.wbrz.com/news/brave-to-hold-gas-for-guns-exchange-aug-23/ Links Fri, 15 Aug 2014 9:01:01 AM Brock Sues BRAVE to hold 'Gas for Guns' exchange Aug. 23

BATON ROUGE - In the continued efforts of the Baton Rouge Area Violence Elimination program to clean up the city's streets, the organization will hold a "Gas for Guns" exchange and neighborhood cleanup day on Saturday, Aug. 23.

The gun exchange will allow residents to safely dispose of firearms and ammunition they no longer want to keep in their homes while ensuring the weapons don't harm anyone or fall into the wrong hands, according to Mayor "Kip" Holden, a sponsor of the event.

BRAVE's gun buyback program will offer $50 to $300 in gas coupons foe each qualifying handgun or assault weapon turned in during the event with no identification required and no questions asked.

Mayor Holden said unsecured firearms are especially dangerous to children, and noted that the weapons can be used to commit crimes if they are not disposed of properly.

Three gun buyback programs like the one coming up later this month have been held in Baton Rouge and the events have collected more than 300 handguns, rifles and shotguns off of the city's streets.

Smaller handguns and revolvers will likely fetch the gun owner $50 in gas coupons, but the exchange program is offering a higher incentive of up to $300 in gas coupons for assault rifles because they are expensive and more desirable to criminals.

There is a limit of two firearms per person until all of the gas cards are given out. Donors arriving by car should place the firearms they wish to donate in the trunk of their vehicle. Donors who walk to the event should bring the guns in a sealed or closed container such as a bag, backpack or box.

Donors who are uncomfortable with bringing the firearm to the exchange site can contact Baton Rouge police or the sheriff's office at any time to have a member of law enforcement dispatched to collect the weapon. However, gas cards will not be given out any other time outside of the "Gas for Guns" program date.

The BRAVE "Gas for Guns" exchange will be held at the Living Faith Christian Center at 6375 Winbourne Avenue on Saturday, Aug. 23 from 10 a.m. until noon.

This year's gun buyback program was made possible by a donation from the Circle K Corporation and matching funds from local law enforcement drug seizure and asset forfeitures. 

On the same Saturday from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m., BRAVE will coordinate a neighborhood cleanup effort for the 70805 zip code. Participants should meet at the Fruit of the Spirit Church at 3338 Plank Road. Cleaning supplies and refreshments will be provided.

For more information about the program or the 70805 neighborhood cleanup effort, please call (225) 239-7835 or email bravebtr@gmail.com.

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Landrieu, Cassidy, others qualify on opening day http://www.wbrz.com/news/landrieu-cassidy-others-qualify-on-opening-day/ http://www.wbrz.com/news/landrieu-cassidy-others-qualify-on-opening-day/ Links Wed, 20 Aug 2014 9:43:55 AM Melinda Deslatte Landrieu, Cassidy, others qualify on opening day

BATON ROUGE - U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu and her main Republican challenger, Congressman Bill Cassidy, traded jabs over leadership and effectiveness as they signed up for the November election.

Qualifying for the Nov. 4 ballot opened Wednesday and continues through Friday.

Landrieu, a Democrat, talked of her 18 years of seniority, saying Louisiana voters shouldn't relinquish that clout.

Cassidy described his campaign as crucial to returning the U.S. Senate to GOP control.

Republicans showed up with "Air Mary" signs, a dig at Landrieu for billing private chartered planes to her Senate office when she used the flights to attend campaign fundraisers.

Three incumbent congressmen also signed up for re-election: Democrat Cedric Richmond and Republicans Charles Boustany and John Fleming. Former Gov. Edwin Edwards officially registered to run for the 6th District congressional seat.

To see a full list of candidates who qualified, visit the Secretary of State's website.

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State tax amnesty program to be offered this fall http://www.wbrz.com/news/state-tax-amnesty-program-to-be-offered-this-fall/ http://www.wbrz.com/news/state-tax-amnesty-program-to-be-offered-this-fall/ Links Tue, 12 Aug 2014 2:05:57 PM Brock Sues State tax amnesty program to be offered this fall

BATON ROUGE - The Louisiana Department of Revenue hopes to offer taxpayers who have fallen behind on state tax obligations a fresh start with the announcement of the Louisiana Tax Amnesty 2014 program this fall.

The 30-day amnesty program offers people who haven't paid their state taxes in full to do so with a waiver of all penalties and half of the interest owed, according to an announcement from the state revenue department.

The tax amnesty period begins at 12:01 a.m. on Oct. 15 and lasts through 11:59 p.m. on Nov. 14.

This year, the LDR is introducing a new option for individual and business taxpayers to pay overdue tax liabilities through installment payments over a six month period of time.

Individuals and businesses with tax liabilities covered by the program should expect to receive a letter or recorded telephone message before the start of the program with instructions for submitting applications and payments at the LDR website.

Taxpayers are encouraged to pay delinquent taxes during the amnesty period because another such program will not be offered until after Jan. 1, 2025.

Eligible taxpayers can apply online by visiting the LDR Amnesty Program website or by calling 866-782-9241.

The full anouncment from the Louisiana Department of Revenue can be viewed by clicking here.

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Crisis center seeing call volume rise http://www.wbrz.com/news/crisis-center-seeing-call-volume-rise/ http://www.wbrz.com/news/crisis-center-seeing-call-volume-rise/ Links Tue, 12 Aug 2014 2:02:07 PM Rob Krieger Crisis center seeing call volume rise

BATON ROUGE- In the wake of the suicide of Robin Williams, the Baton Rouge Crisis Intervention Center is experiencing an increased call volume from people seeking help.

"It is bringing everybody's awareness to the point that we need to be looking, and we need to be reaching out to people and we need to be asking them if they are experiencing enough hopelessness or enough aloneness or enough pain that they actually have considered ending their life," said Norma Rutledge, the executive director of the Crisis Intervention Center.

The center operates a 24-hour phone line that anyone can call to seek help or advice with a loved one, it's something that Lisa Carmena, who lost her son to suicide, hopes more people will use.

"I hope that through the knowledge that is out there for everybody, the crisis chat, phone line, that there is hope. And I hope that they get the message that there's somebody for them," said Carmena.

The program also offers online chat options and text messaging to increase anonymity and allow people suffering to seek help in a private space.

You can reach the center's hotline at 225-924-3900 or 1-800-437-0303. You can find more information on the center by clicking here. You can also chat online by visiting CrisisChat.org.

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BREC Zoo welcomes newborn Malayan tigers http://www.wbrz.com/news/brec-zoo-welcomes-newborn-malayan-tigers/ http://www.wbrz.com/news/brec-zoo-welcomes-newborn-malayan-tigers/ Links Thu, 7 Aug 2014 1:33:52 PM Russell Jones BREC Zoo welcomes newborn Malayan tigers

BATON ROUGE - The Baton Rouge Zoo announced their Malayan tiger recently gave birth to two tiger cubs, the first cubs born at the zoo in nearly 25 years.

Zoo director Phil Frost said the cubs were born on July 29 and will stay in the den with their mother until they're old enough to come out into the exhibit.

"We couldn't be more excited to welcome these cubs," said Phil Frost, Zoo Director. "The Baton Rouge Zoo is an active participant in tiger conservation, and the birth of these cubs is just one piece of what we do."

Zoo officials said four cubs were initially born to the tigers' mother, but two did not make it.

"Among big cats, first-time mothers can commonly be incompetent in caring for their young which can sometimes result in none of the cubs surviving," said Sam Winslow, Assistant Director and General Curator. "Therefore we were very pleased that two of the four cubs have survived."

There are 500 or fewer of the endangered Malayan tigers left in the wild. The cubs' mother came to Baton Rouge in 2009 from the Fort Worth Zoo, and their father arrived from the Little Rock Zoo in 2012.

The zoo said tiger cubs typically stay in a den with their mother for 8 to 12 weeks, and will only venture out once they're strong enough to independently move around.

Visitors can watch the cubs on the zoo's new "Tiger Cam" outside the exhibit, which is also streamed to the BREC Zoo website.


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Back-to-school tax holiday announced http://www.wbrz.com/news/back-to-school-tax-holiday-announced/ http://www.wbrz.com/news/back-to-school-tax-holiday-announced/ Links Fri, 25 Jul 2014 2:42:03 PM Russell Jones Back-to-school tax holiday announced

BATON ROUGE - The Louisiana Department of Revenue released details about this year's back-to-school tax holiday on Aug. 1 and 2.

Most retails purchases on those days will be exempt from the state's 4 percent sales tax. LDR said parents may not also realized those expenses, and similar purchases made the rest of the year, may also qualify for a series of income tax deductions on state tax returns.

To qualify, you must be able to claim the student as a dependent on your state individual income tax return, and you must be able to document the expenses.

There are three income tax breaks under the Louisiana School Tuition and Expense Deductions:

Income Tax Deduction for Elementary and Secondary School Tuition - Allows an income tax deduction for amounts paid during the year for tuition and fees at a qualifying nonpublic elementary or secondary school. The deduction is for 100 percent of qualified expenses paid per dependent, limited to $5,000 per dependent.

Income Tax Deduction for a Quality Public Education - Allows an income tax deduction for the following expenses for a dependent enrolled in a public elementary or secondary school:

  • Purchases of school uniforms required by schools for general day-to-day use
  • Purchases of textbooks, curricula or other instructional materials required by schools
  • Purchases of school supplies required by schools

The deduction is for 50 percent of qualified expenses paid per dependent, limited to $5,000 per dependent.

Income Tax Deduction for Home-Schooling Expenses - Allows an income tax deduction for amounts paid for the purchase of textbook and curricula necessary for home-schooling. The deduction is for 50 percent of qualified expenses paid per dependent, limited to $5,000 per dependent.

Visit the Department of Revenue's website for more information.

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Alligator drawn out by flooding http://www.wbrz.com/news/alligator-drawn-out-by-flooding/ http://www.wbrz.com/news/alligator-drawn-out-by-flooding/ Links Wed, 28 May 2014 4:48:44 PM Russell Jones Alligator drawn out by flooding

PAULINE, La. - Flooding displaced a number of southeast Louisiana residents Wednesday, including a curious alligator in St. James Parish.

News crews from WWL-TV said the alligator was in a parking lot near where they were filming, swimming around in the floodwater.

State wildlife officials said people should not feed any wild alligators they come across, even though it's not illegal in the state. They said feeding alligators can cause them to come back to populated areas looking for food, becoming a nuisance as they lose their fear of people.

More information about nuisance alligators can be found on the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries website.

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State test scores stay largely flat http://www.wbrz.com/news/state-test-scores-stay-largely-flat/ http://www.wbrz.com/news/state-test-scores-stay-largely-flat/ Links Tue, 27 May 2014 11:50:44 AM Russell Jones State test scores stay largely flat

BATON ROUGE - State education officials released data showing 69 percent of public school students scored at the basic or better level on standardized tests this year, the same percentage as in 2013.

However, education officials noted that tests are about to become more challenging and school standards more rigorous as Louisiana transitions to Common Core standards. The state said since 1999, Louisiana schools have been rated "A" based on how many students score "basic" or better on their tests. That will soon change to "mastery" instead.

Tuesday's data did show an increase in the number of students scoring at the "mastery" level in both English and Math. For English, 27 percent had "mastery" level scores, an increase of one percent from 2013. For Math, 25 percent of students had "mastery" level tests, a two point increase from 23 percent in 2013.

Education Superintendent John White said the tougher standards are necessary to better prepare students for college.

Governor Jindal and Superintendent White are at odds over adoption of Common Core.  Jindal initially backed the standards four years ago, but has since flip-flopped on the issue.  Steve Monaghan, with the Louisiana Federation of Teachers said the political turmoil surrounding the state's transition to Common Core standards is adding confusion to the lives of educators.

"The superintendent spoke as if it's a forgone conclusion that's what we're doing next year," White said.  "I think the governor has made it anything but certain, saying everything from pulling out of Common Core to pulling out of PARCC."

East Baton Rouge Parish Schools stayed largely flat in their performance. The system saw 20 percent of students score "mastery" or better, a one percent increase from 2013, and 62 percent of students score "basic" or better, the same as 2013.

To see how public schools across the state performed, click here.

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Bayou Country Superfest Fun Fest to offer free fun http://www.wbrz.com/news/bayou-country-superfest-fun-fest-to-offer-free-fun/ http://www.wbrz.com/news/bayou-country-superfest-fun-fest-to-offer-free-fun/ Links Tue, 13 May 2014 4:20:24 PM Bayou Country Superfest Fun Fest to offer free fun

BATON ROUGE - Organizers for the fifth annual Bayou Country Superfest Fan Fest at Tiger Stadium released their schedule of events and more information Tuesday.

The country music festival runs Friday, May 23, through Sunday, May 25, and includes high-profile country music stars in the stadium as well as traditional tailgating outside at Fan Fest.

The Fan Fest will be held at Lot 101 in the shadow of Tiger Stadium on LSU's campus and is free to the public. Attendees will have the opportunity to see free musical performances, meet and greet artists, win prizes, and buy official festival merchandise.

Full information on tickets for the Superfest, schedules, and event parking can be found here.


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2014 La. Hurricane Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday http://www.wbrz.com/news/2014-la-hurricane-preparedness-sales-tax-holiday/ http://www.wbrz.com/news/2014-la-hurricane-preparedness-sales-tax-holiday/ Links Mon, 19 May 2014 7:05:16 AM 2014  La. Hurricane Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday

Hurricane season is two weeks away and now is the time get prepared. The annual Louisiana Hurricane Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday is coming this weekend, Saturday, May 25 and Sunday, May 25 for residents to get supplies ahead of time.

During the two-day annual holiday, tax-free purchases are authorized on the first $1,500 of the sales price on the following items:

portable self-powered light source;
portable self-powered radio, two-way radio, or weather band radio;
tarpaulin or other flexible waterproof sheeting;
any ground anchor system or tie-down kit;
any gas or diesel fuel tank;
any package of AAA-cell, AA-cell, C-cell, D-cell, 6-volt, or 9-volt batteries, excluding automobile and boat batteries;
any cellular phone battery and any cellular phone charger;
any non-electric food storage cooler;
any portable generator used to provide light or communications or preserve food in the event of a power outage;
any "storm shutter device," as defined in the Act;
any carbon monoxide detector; and
any blue ice product.



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Students near goal for life-changing trip http://www.wbrz.com/news/students-near-goal-for-life-changing-trip/ http://www.wbrz.com/news/students-near-goal-for-life-changing-trip/ Links Fri, 11 Apr 2014 1:40:32 PM Jessica LeBlanc Students near goal for life-changing trip

BATON ROUGE - Teachers at a Baton Rouge middle school say they've almost met their goal to send students to out-of-state colleges and get a taste of life outside Louisiana.

Elroy Johnson, a history teacher at Prescott Middle School, said the trip will send several 20 of the school's top eighth graders to see colleges in Texas. He also plans to take them around to tour historical sites around Dallas.

"The purpose of this trip is to... broaden their horizons a little bit. See a different part of the country. And so hopefully, it allows them to enter high school from a college-focus mindset," Johnson told News 2. "When you're travelling it's opening your mind, you're seeing new things, you're seeing how people live differently. Then you start thinking about what you can accomplish in life."

The students selected for the trip are also excited to get opportunities they may not be able to otherwise.

"It's very important because as a student we work hard during the year and sometimes we can't pay for stuff like this, but with the school field trip we can go," said student Brandon Searles.

The trip's even more special to the students and their teachers because Prescott is closing its doors at the end of the school year.

The school is nearly halfway to its goal. If you would like to make a donation, click here.

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10th Kite Fest Louisiane this weekend http://www.wbrz.com/news/10th-kite-fest-louisiane-this-weekend/ http://www.wbrz.com/news/10th-kite-fest-louisiane-this-weekend/ Links Fri, 4 Apr 2014 11:15:38 AM Russell Jones 10th Kite Fest Louisiane this weekend

PORT ALLEN - The 10th Annual Kite Fest Louisiane is this weekend in West Baton Rouge Parish.

The annual kite festival will be held Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the West Baton Rouge Soccer Complex.

The festival is free and open to the public, and people are encouraged to bring kites to fly. The festival will also feature live music and a fireworks show Saturday night.

For more about Kite Fest Louisiane, visit their website.


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29th Wearin' of the Green parade Saturday http://www.wbrz.com/news/29th-wearin-of-the-green-parade-saturday/ http://www.wbrz.com/news/29th-wearin-of-the-green-parade-saturday/ Links Fri, 14 Mar 2014 10:45:06 AM Russell Jones 29th Wearin' of the Green parade Saturday

BATON ROUGE - Preparations are underway for the 29th Annual Wearin' of the Green parade in Baton Rouge Saturday.

The parade has been a longstanding St. Patrick's Day tradition in Baton Rouge. This year's grand marshal is Louisiana State Police Superintendent Mike Edmonson.

"Mike Edmonson certainly has used his talents, abilities, and expertise to assist many in this community, for civic, youth and church programs and in the State of Louisiana, throughout the United States and most recently - countries outside of the United States," said parade organizer Grey Hammett.

The parade rolls at 10 a.m. Saturday and starts at 100 Oaks and South Acadian, then travels around local neighborhoods before ending just past the Perkins Road overpass. Click here for a full map of the parade route.

The parade's opening ceremonies will be streamed live on WBRZ.com and our mobile apps.

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Mayor Holden unveils city data website http://www.wbrz.com/news/mayor-holden-unveils-city-data-website/ http://www.wbrz.com/news/mayor-holden-unveils-city-data-website/ Links Wed, 15 Jan 2014 1:27:39 PM Russell Jones Mayor Holden unveils city data website

BATON ROUGE - City-parish leaders released details Wednesday about a new website that would display maps full of data about East Baton Rouge.

Mayor-President Kip Holden said the site, BRCityKey.com, would have demographic information such as neighborhood education levels and crime rates, as well as the location of services like bus stops, libraries, and parks. The site would also have a forum for community discussion and to publicize community events.

Holden said the project is part of his Healthy City initiative, and would be a useful tool for community organizations as well as government agencies.

The project was funded by a combination of public and private groups.


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