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Pat Shingleton: "The Roller..."

Pat Shingleton: "The Roller..."

Posted 3:00 PM 4/11/2014 by Pat Shingleton

Our Mom, Grandma Shirley, will be 93 this week. She resides in the house where she was born that rests on an acre of land in Ellwood City, PA. We pool our resources to assist her in daily care, house cleaning and property management. Most lawns in that section of the country encounter damage from (More)


Pat Shingleton: "A Masterful Course."

Pat Shingleton: "A Masterful Course."

Posted 4:00 PM 4/10/2014 by Pat Shingleton

The entrance to Augusta National includes 122 Magnolia trees that canopy the club's entrance. Nine years ago, my son Michael and I enjoyed the final rounds of The Masters. Our friend Paddy Quigley provided guidance, suggesting placement of portable chairs on #18 before walking the course. Our (More)


Pat Shingleton: "Ike and His Trees..."

Pat Shingleton: "Ike and His Trees..."

Posted 3:26 PM 4/9/2014 by Pat Shingleton

In 1943, Augusta National, home of The Masters, suspended play; transformed back into a farm to help the war effort. German prisoners-of- war provided renovation work to erect the famous bridge over Rae's Creek. Dwight D. Eisenhower, Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe, became a member of (More)


Pat Shingleton: "Stink Bugs, Azaleas, The Masters."

Pat Shingleton: "Stink Bugs, Azaleas, The Masters."

Posted 3:55 PM 4/8/2014 by Pat Shingleton

Our azaleas traditionally "bloom out" by Mid-March, not the case this year. Groundskeepers and horticulturists at Augusta National control their blooming by covering, icing and even heating the plants. It has been an unusual Spring in the south and southeast. I reviewed a column written by (More)


Pat Shingleton: "Looking, Listening, Acting..."

Pat Shingleton: "Looking, Listening, Acting..."

Posted 3:59 PM 4/7/2014 by Pat Shingleton

Our "Midnight Storms" caused an extensive amount of damage, especially in the Florida Blvd.-Sherwood Forest area. Large water oaks that have shallow root systems were brought down by straight-line winds. The tragic consequences of storm damage were especially evident on Nassau and Little John (More)


Pat Shingleton: "It's NOW the Dixie Alley..."

Pat Shingleton:  "It's NOW the Dixie Alley..."

Posted 11:22 AM 4/6/2014 by Pat Shingleton

Over the past week, the Storm Prediction Center has targeted our area with a slight risk of severe weather on two occasions. noted four years ago that "Tornado Alley," including Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and South Dakota, has shifted its threat area. The average number of (More)


Pat Shingleton: "Carts on the Path..."

Pat Shingleton:  "Carts on the Path..."

Posted 10:53 AM 4/6/2014 by Pat Shingleton

"Carts on the path" is the customary vernacular of avid golfers after showers puddle a golf course. An inch of accumulated rain and a cart on a fairway rapdily causes damage and needed repairs for a greens superintendent. The directive means slower play and the need to "lift, clean and place" the (More)

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