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Pat Shingleton: "Hotter than ....."

Pat Shingleton:  "Hotter than ....."

Posted 3:54 PM 7/30/2014 by Pat Shingleton

Years ago, representatives of Kentucky Fried Chicken located a "Hotter than Hell" city, identified in a town about a half-hour from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Also located about an hour from Detroit, the town has an ice cream shop that makes sundaes in "coffins," and a traditional "Run through Hell" (More)


Pat Shingleton: "The Moon, The Indianapolis."

Pat Shingleton: "The Moon, The Indianapolis."

Posted 4:33 PM 7/29/2014 by Pat Shingleton

On July 29, 1945, moon rise over the Philippine Sea occurred at 10:30 p.m. Because of the illumination, Japanese submariners targeted the silhouette of a cruiser and torpedoed it. If not for the moon glow, the USS Indianapolis would have passed unnoticed. As noted in a previous column, SKY and (More)


Pat Shingleton: "Ear Cooling..."

Pat Shingleton: "Ear Cooling..."

Posted 4:35 PM 7/28/2014 by Pat Shingleton

We recently noted how turkey vultures avoid overheating. The black-tailed jackrabbit also has a built-in cooling apparatus. Due to its oversize ears, these trademark appendages increase the hare's audio range to avoid predators. Due to the abundance of blood vessels, its 7-inch ears are also a (More)


Pat Shingleton: Thanks a lot Doug

Pat Shingleton: Thanks a lot  Doug

Posted 8:14 PM 7/27/2014 by Pat Shingleton

As noted in Sunday's column, heat waves initiated cool-downs. Years ago, the inflatable pool was "shot-up" by Doug Kelly's B.B. gun. Mom instructed us to fill the wash tub with cold water and stick my brother Kevin in there for a few days. He enjoyed it even though his lips were purple. Once Dale (More)


Pat Shingleton: "A Melt Down..."

Pat Shingleton: "A Melt Down..."

Posted 4:22 PM 7/25/2014 by Pat Shingleton

The Daily Telegraph reports that the bodies of more than 80 soldiers from World War I have been recovered from melting glaciers. Experts from the Archaeological Heritage Office in Trento, Italy report that the mummified bodies of the soldiers were discovered near the small northern town of Peio. (More)...


Pat Shingleton: "Only YOU Can Prevent..."

Pat Shingleton: "Only YOU Can Prevent..."

Posted 4:01 PM 7/24/2014 by Pat Shingleton

It's been a tough season for wildfires in the West and Pacific Northwest. The Carlton Complex Fire in Seattle is still burning. Lighting sometimes causes these fires. In 1945 Albert Staehle drew a uniformed bear with a name inspired by New York City fireman, "Smokey Joe" Martin, becoming Smokey (More)

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