Asian Crunch with the Twinatics

Posted 3:24 PM 9/19/2014 by Caroline McDougall

BATON ROUGE - Health-conscious twins and LSU grads, Christina and Catherine Mahtook, joined us in the kitchen Friday with recipes from their online cookbook of healthy recipes inspired by their mother's battle with breast cancer. The duo hopped on board a plant-based diet with their mother and (More)


Bacon-wrapped oysters with The Saints Super Fans

Posted 3:42 PM 9/17/2014 by Caroline McDougall

BATON ROUGE - A local restaurant shared a bacon-wrapped oyster recipe good enough for any Saints fan.

JK Lockhart from Lava Cantina cooked bacon-wrapped oysters.  He then fried the oysters in tempura batter and topped it off with a remoulade sauce.

To make the dish, these (More)


Enchiladas covered in tomatilla sauce

Posted 3:10 PM 9/16/2014 by Zach Correa

BATON ROUGE - A local restaurateur celebrated Mexico's Independence Day with a twist on pork enchiladas.

Jim Urdiales from Mestizo cooked the Isla, which is pork enchiladas topped with tomatilla sauce, sliced avocado, cilantro, pico de gallo and cotija cheese.

To make the tomatilla (More)

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