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Sanders offers lower-cost bill to reform VA

Sanders offers lower-cost bill to reform VA

Posted 8:08 AM 7/24/2014 by APNewsNow

WASHINGTON - With Congress scheduled to recess in a week, the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee's chairman is offering to scale back a Senate-passed bill to improve health care services for veterans. Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont says his proposal would cost less than $25 (More)


Duck relief

Duck relief

Posted 6:04 PM 7/23/2014 by Michael Marsh

COSHOCTON, OHIO- An Army veteran wants a small town to change its law that prohibits him from keeping ducks in his yard.

Darin Welker says the ducks help relieve his post-traumatic stress disorder.

He was cited for violating the ban on keeping farm animals in West Lafayette, about (More)


You're no Hershey Bar

You're no Hershey Bar

Posted 6:08 PM 7/22/2014 by Michael Marsh

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND- A political candidate in Maryland whose last name is Hershey was ordered by a federal judge to stop using campaign materials that look like the famous Hershey chocolate bars.

State Senator Stephen Hershey, Jr. used dark brown signs with white lettering but was sued for (More)

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