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THE INVESTIGATIVE UNIT: Politicians told to pay fines

Posted 3:42 PM 10/31/2014 by Ryan Naquin

BATON ROUGE - Politicians are being warned and getting disqualified from running for office since they owe outstanding fines for ethics violations.

In the next few weeks, the Louisiana Attorney General will mail payment demand letters to 20 politicians in an effort to collect (More)


Dark past could mean bright future for USS Kidd

Posted 8:23 AM 10/30/2014 by Ryan Naquin

BATON ROUGE - The money troubled USS Kidd is banking on its deep and sometimes dark history to target a broader audience.

Thursday night, the Kidd's crew will host its first official adults only Twilight Tour from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.  The tour will focus on the ship's more gruesome (More)


Woman on life support after being thrown out of bar

Woman on life support after being thrown out of bar

Posted 6:53 AM 10/29/2014 by Ryan Naquin

BAYOU PIGEON - A bar owner faces charges after a patron was taken to the hospital and was placed on life support following an altercation inside his bar.

Iberville Parish Sheriff's deputies said early Sunday, the woman was cut off from drinking at the Pigeon Coop bar and started fighting (More)


Field damaged during Saturday's rush

Posted 7:38 AM 10/28/2014 by Brittany Weiss

BATON ROUGE - The Grounds crew at Tiger Stadium had to patch holes in the field Monday following the fan celebration that took place on it Saturday night.

Dozens of holes were filled with plugs the size of dinner plates after fans dug up part of the field.

"Some kids were just (More)


Longtime Iberville Parish Police Juror dies

Longtime Iberville Parish Police Juror dies

Posted 7:51 AM 10/27/2014 by Chris Nakamoto

IBERVILLE PARISH- Longtime Iberville Parish Police Juror Aldrich "Tudy" Dupree passed away today at a Baton Rouge Hospital.

Family members told WBRZ, he died due to complications from surgery. Dupree was 76 years old.

Family members said he was the first African American Deputy for (More)


Photo becomes front and center in police inquiry

Posted 9:57 AM 10/24/2014 by Ryan Naquin

DENHAM SPRINGS - A fired police officer is using a picture of an officer with his eyes closed to continue his fight against the department he worked for until he was terminated.

Thursday, Denham Springs Police Chief Scott Jones confirmed the officer in the picture is sergeant Russell (More)

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