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Peaceful February gives way to violent March

Peaceful February gives way to violent March

Posted 9:46 AM 3/4/2015 by Hunter Robinson

BATON ROUGE - There were no murders in East Baton Rouge Parish during the month of February. That milestone has been tainted by a violent start to March.

The first happened at 1:45 a.m. on Sunday, March 1st, less than two hours after the calendar turned. Authorities found Eddie Simon, Jr. (More)...


Violent night in Baton Rouge capped off by officer-involved shooting

Posted 2:30 PM 3/3/2015 by Trey Schmaltz, Hunter Robinson

BATON ROUGE - Law enforcement is investigating three shootings in Baton Rouge overnight Monday, including one involving BRPD officers.

It happened near the intersection of Perkins at Acadian. According to a press release, back-up was called when a driver refused to pull over for an (More)


Baton Rouge man gunned down in front of house

Baton Rouge man gunned down in front of house

Posted 9:07 AM 3/2/2015 by Jessica LeBlanc

BATON ROUGE - People who knew Eddie Simon Jr., 24, are in shock after hearing of his murder.

The shooting happened close to 2:00 am Sunday morning, in the 2800 block of 73rd street.

Police said officers originally responded to the location for a traffic crash, but discovered Simon's (More)


Suspect booked in overnight BRPD shootout

Posted 4:49 PM 2/27/2015 by Hunter Robinson, Russell Jones

BATON ROUGE - Police charged a man with attempted murder Friday in connection with a shootout with officers in Baton Rouge overnight.

BRPD spokesperson L'Jean McKneely said 24-year-old Torrance Smart was shot in the encounter. Police arrested Smart after his release from the hospital.


Wrongfully convicted man fighting for compensation from state

Posted 11:23 AM 2/26/2015 by Brittany Weiss

NEW ORLEANS - A wrongfully convicted man is fighting for compensation he is owed from the state.

Glenn Ford was exonerated of a crime he did not commit and released from Angola on March 11, 2014, just before sunset. He'd spent nearly 30 years on death row before a judge overturned his (More)


DPW builds wrong speed bumps in neighborhood

Posted 8:34 AM 2/25/2015 by Ryan Naquin

BATON ROUGE - Newly installed speed bumps are already needing repairs on a few streets in one neighborhood since cars are scraping the top of them.

The Department of Public Works installed more than five in the Inniswold community after residents asked for them. They complained drivers (More)

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