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Having a heart attack? Survive, Don't Drive

Posted 7:09 AM 7/18/2014 by Hunter Robinson

BATON ROUGE - Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center has a tip that could save your life in the event on a heart attack: Don't get behind the wheel.

OLOL kicked off its "Survive, Don't Drive" campaign to inform you of the dangers of getting behind the wheel if you're having a heart (More)


LSU tobacco-free plans announced

LSU tobacco-free plans announced

Posted 9:00 AM 7/17/2014 by Brock Sues

BATON ROUGE - The ashtrays have been removed from LSU's campus and the Baton Rouge campus will make history on Aug. 1 by going completely smoke-free.

LSU is required to ban tobacco use on August 1 in accordance with the Louisiana Legislature's smoke-free requirement for public (More)


Capital City crawling its way to fitness

Posted 5:14 PM 7/16/2014 by Hunter Robinson

BATON ROUGE - Fitness studios and gyms across the Capital City are coming together to host a two week event to whip Baton Rouge residents into shape.

OpenBarre, Studio 7, Tread BR, GymFit, Geaux Crossfit, Yoglates II, Define and Reflection Yoga are participating in the Baton Rouge Fitness (More)


DHH reminds parents about school vaccines

DHH reminds parents about school vaccines

Posted 11:04 AM 7/14/2014 by Brock Sues

BATON ROUGE - The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals reminded parents Friday that with the first day of school around the corner, it's time to make sure their kids' vaccinations are up to date in accordance with state law.

"When we don't vaccinate, we leave the door open for the (More)

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