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Reduce Your Risk Pt. 5

Posted 6:02 AM 4/23/2014 by Hunter Robinson

BATON ROUGE - Chances are you know someone who has had a heart attack or stroke. They are silent killers who affect thousands of Louisiana families every year. One Baton Rouge family experienced both. They shared their story in Pt. 5 of John Pastorek's Reduce Your Risk series.Check out the video (More)


Reduce Your Risk Pt. 4

Posted 5:41 AM 4/21/2014 by Hunter Robinson

BATON ROUGE - In Pt. 4 of John Pastorek's Reduce Your Risk series, he sits down with the CEO of Lane Regional Medical Center.

His message is not to ignore the symptoms of heart disease. He says he did, and it almost cost him his life. He's sharing his story to help others Reduce their Risk.

Check out the video for more information, and 2une In Wednesday for Pt. 5 of Reduce Your Risk.


Reduce Your Risk Pt. 3

Posted 7:22 AM 4/18/2014 by Hunter Robinson

BATON ROUGE - The best way to Reduce your Risk of heart disease is with annual check-ups.

John Pastorek continued a "Reduce Your Risk" tradition, became the guinea pig and went through one himself.

Check out the video to see his results!

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