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  • Medicare bought meds for dead people

    Medicare bought meds for dead people

    Updated: 2:26 AM 10/31/2014

    WASHINGTON, D.C. - A government watchdog agency says Medicare's prescription drug program kept paying for costly medications even after patients were dead. The problem apparently started with a bureaucratic rule that's now getting a second look. A report coming out Friday from the Health and Human Services Department's inspector general... (More)
  • Life goes on for nurse in standoff over Ebola

    Life goes on for nurse in standoff over Ebola

    Updated: 2:05 AM 10/31/2014

    FORT KENT, ME - The nurse who's become the public face of health care volunteers who're being scrutinized upon returning from West Africa is doing cleaning and laundry while she waits to learn whether she'll be quarantined until the 21-day incubation period ends on Nov. 10. Kaci Hickox, who returned... (More)
  • Smart tips to keep Halloween safe and fun

    Updated: 5:14 PM 10/30/2014

    BATON ROUGE - According to pediatrician, Dr. Mindy Calandro, there are many easy safety tips parents can use to make Halloween a safe and fun night for kids. For Halloween costumes, Dr. Calandro recommended that parents to buy reflective tape from a local hardware store for costumes or to... (More)
  • Ebola fears infect Louisiana medical conference

    Ebola fears infect Louisiana medical conference

    Updated: 2:57 PM 10/30/2014

    NEW ORLEANS - Ebola fears have infected a medical conference on the subject. Louisiana state officials told thousands of doctors planning to attend a tropical diseases meeting this weekend in New Orleans to stay away if they have been to certain African countries or have had contact with an Ebola... (More)
  • Nurse defies Ebola quarantine in Maine

    Updated: 11:24 AM 10/30/2014

    FORT KENT, Maine - All but daring Maine health authorities to go to court to have her confined, nurse Kaci Hickox went out on a bike ride Thursday in defiance of the state's voluntary quarantine for medical workers who have treated Ebola patients. It was the second time in two... (More)
  • La. firm to provide Ebola-resistant suits to feds

    La. firm to provide Ebola-resistant suits to feds

    Updated: 9:36 AM 10/30/2014

    BATON ROUGE - Convergence Equity LLC of Baton Rouge will provide around 350,000 Ebola-resistant protective suits and gear to federal departments and agencies. Under an agreement announced Thursday, Convergence is teaming with medical supplier TrillaMed LLC to provide the protective gear to federal agencies, as well as domestic and foreign... (More)
  • Google joins battle against cancer, other diseases

    Updated: 9:15 AM 10/30/2014

    BATON ROUGE - The world's top search database is joining the search for a cure to cancer.

    Google is working on a device that could detect the arrival of cancer and other deadly diseases before you even have them. According to the company, you would wear the device that could detect minor swings in tumor cells and alert you to potential threats.

    No word on when the device will be ready for use.

  • Kitchen makeover leads to weight loss

    Kitchen makeover leads to weight loss

    Updated: 9:07 AM 10/30/2014

    BATON ROUGE - If you've been working out and exercising but aren't seeing results, your kitchen could be the problem. Experts say decluttering your kitchen can help you cutdown on snacking. First, move healthier foods to lower shelves and put unhealthy snacks in hard to reach places. That increases... (More)
  • Get up, get moving with the Consistency Club

    Updated: 6:46 AM 10/30/2014

    BATON ROUGE - The average person sits between 8-15 hours/day. Health professionals say that number is too high. That's why the Consistency Club wants to get you up and moving. "We have so many technological advances that we have become a sedentary people," Nettye Johnson told Kylie Dixon this... (More)
  • Study: Young people more likely to survive Ebola

    Study: Young people more likely to survive Ebola

    Updated: 4:14 PM 10/29/2014

    SIERRA LEONE - A new study gives fresh knowledge about who survives Ebola and why. The report by 47 health workers treating patients in Sierra Leone in West Africa is the most detailed description yet of the medical aspects of the current epidemic. It reveals that young people are much... (More)