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  • Free prostate cancer screenings offered Sept. 13

    Free prostate cancer screenings offered Sept. 13

    Updated: 11:02 AM 9/2/2014

    BATON ROUGE - With September designated as National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, the Mary Bird Perkins - Our Lady of the Lake Cancer Center is holding its annual barbershop screening event to increase awareness and promote early detection of the disease. The cancer center encourages men to take advantage... (More)
  • Food prices rising in Ebola-hit countries

    Updated: 5:44 AM 9/2/2014

    DAKAR, Senegal - The U.N. is warning that food prices are rising in countries hit by Ebola and that it'll get worse because many farmers won't be able to access fields during the upcoming harvests of rice and corn. An Ebola outbreak in West Africa has killed more than 1,500... (More)
  • More Ebola cases in past week than any other

    Updated: 7:18 AM 8/29/2014

    DAKAR, Senegal - The World Health Organization says the past week has seen the highest increase of Ebola cases since the outbreak began, more evidence that the crisis is worsening. In an update Friday, the U.N. health agency said more than 500 cases were recorded over the past week, by... (More)
  • St. John purging water system after amoeba found

    Updated: 12:24 PM 8/28/2014

    BATON ROUGE - St. John the Baptist is using chlorine to flush a water system on the east bank of the Mississippi River after tests showed the presence of a dangerous amoeba. The state Department of Health and Hospitals said the Naegleria fowleri amoeba was found in the water system... (More)
  • Parents uncomfortable with youth football

    Parents uncomfortable with youth football

    Updated: 8:52 AM 8/28/2014

    Nearly half of parents say they're not comfortable letting their child play football amid growing uncertainty about the long-term impact of concussions, according to an Associated Press-GfK poll. A majority, however, say they haven't prevented their child from playing the game they love. In the poll, 44 percent of parents... (More)
  • UN: Ebola cases could eventually reach 20,000

    UN: Ebola cases could eventually reach 20,000

    Updated: 5:58 AM 8/28/2014

    GENEVA - The World Health Organization says the Ebola outbreak in West Africa eventually could exceed 20,000 cases, more than 6 times as many as now.

    A new study by the U.N. health agency also assumes that in many hard-hit areas, the actual number of cases may be two to four times higher than is currently reported.

    The agency on Thursday published new figures saying that 1,552 people have now died from the Ebola virus from among 3,069 cases reported so far.

  • 'Undercover' nail polish protects against date rape

    Updated: 10:20 AM 8/27/2014

    Women have a new weapon to protect themselves from date rape: nail polish. Four North Carolina State University students are developing a polish that can detect drugs associated with date rape. When dipped in a drink, the polish will change colors if the drink is laced. Once the product... (More)
  • Health benefit changes planned for state workers

    Health benefit changes planned for state workers

    Updated: 3:49 PM 8/26/2014

    BATON ROUGE - State employees and retirees face increased out-of-pocket costs and higher deductibles as Gov. Bobby Jindal's administration reworks state health insurance plans to keep the program from financial disaster. Financial analysts say those in the insurance program in many instances will be paying more and getting less. Critics... (More)
  • CEO named for HealthCare.gov

    CEO named for HealthCare.gov

    Updated: 12:45 PM 8/26/2014

    WASHINGTON - The Obama administration has picked a Connecticut official to run HealthCare.gov ahead of a second open enrollment season looming as a test of competence for the feds. Kevin Counihan leads Access Health CT, a health insurance marketplace seen as a national model. As CEO of the federal exchange,... (More)
  • UN health agency: E-cigarettes must be regulated

    UN health agency: E-cigarettes must be regulated

    Updated: 5:54 AM 8/26/2014

    GENEVA - The U.N. health agency says electronic cigarettes should be regulated and banned from use indoors until the exhaled vapor is proven not to harm bystanders. The World Health Organization also calls for a ban on sales to minors of the popular nicotine-vapor products, and to either forbid or... (More)